The following are official Final Spark productions



Created for the 5 Day Film Royal 2021

Some things you can't put a price on.

Festivals Choice Winner


Created for the 24 Hour Alaska Film Royal 2021

In the frozen wilderness, a man must face his worst fears. 


The Good American

Created for the CWVFF 48 Hour Film Race 2020

In a world of good intentions. Who will look past

their own motives, and make the difference that is needed.


Festival Runner Up Winner

From the Sky

Created for the Storm Area 51 Event...sorta

Filmed on September 20th 2019. A small town

was visited by a mysterious being.


Undercover Princess (BBBBTS)

Created for the 24Hour Film Royal 2019

Take a look behind the behind the scenes to find

what it's like filming a movie

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Created for the 5 Day Film Royal 2018

A man is unknowingly a test subject of a neural directive,

When his daughter unexpectedly shows up during a test. 



Created for the 5 Day Film Royal 2019

A girl is plagued by an unknown illness, her mother

struggles to understand what is wrong.

Undercover Princess.00_40_44_04.Still005

First Love

Created for the CWVFF 48 Hour Race 2019

When two people meet in a cafe, they discover

they may have more in common then they realize.



Created for the 168 Film Festival 2018

A baker and his son are stuck in an endless cycle

of monotony. An unlikely visitor might be just the

ingredient they need to get turned in a new direction.

Best Production Design Winner


Created for Mothers Day 2018

After learning the dangers of a recent cracks outbreak,

this dedicated son journeys across town to make sure

his mother is alright. "Don't step on the cracks or you'll

break your mothers back!" Guest starring Torry Martin



Created for the 24 Hour Film Royal 2018

This dysfunctional couple is the epitome

of an "It's complicated" relationship. Shot in one take

all the way through to a surprise ending.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Created for the 5 Day Film Royal 2017

A disgruntled Genie is tired of granting hollow wishes.

Will he ever get to make a difference?

And at what cost?

Judges Choice Winner


Goldilocks and the Three Stooges

Created for the 24 Hour Film Royal 2017

After hearing her grandmothers cry, Goldilocks flees in terror. Meanwhile these less then brilliant

investigators track down their prime suspect.

Kenai's Choice Winner


Dandelions with Dad

Created for Fathers Day 2017

This determined young girl struggles to

make her flowers grow. But has she really

tried everything?