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Battle Dice is a fantasy tabletop game designed by Aaron Gordon. The game is comprised of 30 unique character dice from which players form their team. Players then roll their dice against opponents to battle their way to victory!

This is the world the characters inhabit. Defined further by the four major regions - Mainland, Islands, Mountain, and Clouds. Click here to learn more about the games design or to see frequently asked questions.



Battle Dice is a fantasy game that combines elements of strategy and chance. There are 30 unique heroes to choose from, with 4060 possible team combinations. Each hero has 5 of 15 possible abilities, with a 1 in 3 chance to use their signature move. Mix and match combinations of offense, defense, utility or your prefered combination - to create a team that fits your style and situation. Roll your dice against other players and battle your way to victory. Good luck!



Player - You and the other humans playing this game.

Health Dice - A ten sided die used to track a players current health.

Hero Dice - A six sided die identifiable by their name. (Wizard, Troll, Dragon etc.) 

Ability - Each side of a Hero Die has a symbol representing what happens when rolled.

Effect - A status that persists through the current round, until the player who rolled the effect begins a new turn. Effects are shown as active by placing the die forward.

Signature Move - Each Hero die has 4-5 different abilities - the side bearing their name is duplicated on the opposite side (Doubling the player’s chance to roll that ability.)

Team - A player's current group of Heros. (Teams start at 3 Heros.)

Turn - An individual player's turn, consists of 

     1. Identifying active effects. 

     2. Choosing which Heroes from their team to roll. 

     3. Rolling the dice. 

     4. Deciding order and applying rolled damage, healing and effects. 

Round - All players taking one turn. 

Damage - A player's health die value is reduced. 

Heal - A player's health dice value is increased. 


How to play

Each player starts with a 10 sided health tracking die. Start at full health by placing your die with the 0 side up. Next each player needs to draft their team of heroes. Roll a numerical die to determine who goes first, then continue clockwise. Each player chooses one hero at a time until everyone has a team of 3. 


The first player chooses two of their three dice and rolls them, applying the damage, healing and effects of their rolled abilities in the order of their choosing. Damage is applied to the player to the rollers left. (Example: If a player rolls FIRE and DARK equaling (2+1) 3 damage total, the player to their left changes their health die from 10 to show 7 health remaining.) 


The round continues to the left with each player rolling their dice. Damage values are applied to the left of the roller, and Healing is applied to one self. Effects last only 1 round, and are placed forward to show they are active. The results of each roll may be applied in any order. 


Continue taking turns rolling until a player is reduced to 0 health. There are no negative numbers, damage stops at 0. When a player's health reaches 0, they must heal or be eliminated. If the player successfully heals, they revive with the value of their heal and continue playing. Each additional time they are reduced to 0 health, the amount necessary to revive is increased by 1. (Example: The first time a player reaches 0 Health, if they roll a heal total of 1 or more, they revive. The second time that player reaches 0, if they roll a heal of 1, they do not revive and are eliminated - they must roll 2 or more to successfully revive. The 3rd time they reach 0, they must heal for 3 or more, and so on.) 


Players are only eliminated at the end of their own turns. If a player is at 0 at the end of their turn, or did not heal enough to revive, the damage and effects of their roll are still applied. Then they are eliminated. When someone is eliminated, the player who dealt the final damage may choose one of the defeated player’s heroes to add to their own team. They still may only roll a maximum of 3 dice. Continue playing until only 1 player remains. 


If the last two players reduce each other to 0 and neither is able to revive, the match ends in a tie. (Example: Player 1 reduces Player 2 to 0 health, and Player 2 does not heal, but their roll reduces Player 1 to 0 health as well. At that point Player 2 is eliminated, but if Player 1 does not survive Player 2’s final blow, it is a draw. Player 1 must roll and revive to be declared winner.) The winning player may beat their chest and proclaim themselves the Battle Master! 



DARK - Rolling 1 DARK deals 1 damage. Rolling 2 DARK at the same time deals 5 damage combined. Rolling 3 DARK at the same time deals 13 damage total. It is only possible to roll 3 DARK at the same time if a SWARM or GROWTH was rolled the previous turn. 


FIRE - Deals 2 damage and ignores SHIELD. Only the FIRE damage ignores SHIELD, the rest of the damage rolled does not. 


BASH - Deals 1 damage, unless the target is under an effect, then BASH deals 3 damage. The effects that trigger increased damage are SHIELD, MEDITATE, SWARM, GROWTH, ICE, POISON, and FOCUS. The player who rolls choses the order abilities are applied. (Example: A player rolls POISON and BASH. If they apply BASH first and then POISON they will only do 1 damage; If they apply POISON and then BASH a poisoned target, it will do 3 damage.) 


CURSE - Deal 3 damage and take 1 damage. Taken damage cannot exceed 1 per turn. Rolling multiple curses or focus, does not increase damage taken. If a player is reduced to 0 health after rolling CURSE, at the end of their turn they are eliminated. They may not attempt to revive, and no one gains any of their heroes. If a player is under the POISON effect and they roll CURSE, rather than taking 1 damage they gain 1 health instead. 


LIGHTNING - Deal 1 damage for every LIGHTNING rolled. Whenever LIGHTNING is rolled, continue rolling that die until something other than LIGHTNING is rolled. The final non LIGHTNING result is ignored. 


DRAIN - Deal 1 damage and heal for 1. When applying the FOCUS effect to DRAIN, gain 1 additional damage or heal. (Example: Choose to deal 3 damage and heal 2, or deal 2 damage and heal 3.) 


LIGHT - Rolling 1 LIGHT heals self for 1. Rolling 2 LIGHT at the same time heals for 4. Rolling 3 LIGHT at the same time heals 10. If a player would exceed full health after rolling LIGHT, all additional heal value (Including DRAIN, WATER, MEDITATE, GROWTH, and FOCUS) is converted and dealt as damage. (Example: A player is at 7 health and rolls LIGHT, MEDITATE, WATER, for a total of (1+4+2) 7 healing value. First 3 heal is applied bringing the player up to full health 10. Then because of the LIGHT ability, the extra 4 heal is converted to deal 4 damage.) This effect is only activated with a LIGHT roll, but once activated can be applied to other heals. A player must first be at 10 health for any healing to be converted. Heal cannot be converted to damage if a player is affected by POISON. 


WATER - Heal for 2. If at 0 health WATER heals for 3 instead. 


SHIELD - Effect: Block 3 damage from the next incoming attack. This effect is only active for 1 round even if it is not used. FIRE ignores SHIELD (Example: Player 1 has SHIELD active - Player 2 rolls FIRE, DARK, SWARM for a total of (2+1+1) 4 damage. SHIELD blocks the 2 damage from DARK and SWARM and Player 1 takes 2 damage from FIRE.) Total SHIELD block value is subtracted from the total incoming damage. (Example: Player 1 has SHIELD, SHIELD active - Player 2 rolls CURSE, CURSE, CURSE for a total of (3+3+3) 9 damage. SHIELD, SHIELD value is (3+3) 6, so Player 1 takes a total of 3 damage.) SHIELD cannot block self damage taken from CURSE or POISON.


MEDITATE - Heal for 4 and gain the effect: Unable to roll this die next turn. A player may choose to discard a MEDITATE roll. (Example: Player 1 is already at full health and wants to be able to roll this die next turn; or Player 1 has GROWTH or SWARM active and wants to roll this die next turn; or Player 1 is affected by POISON, and can choose to discard MEDITATE to avoid the 4 damage.)


SWARM - Deal 1 damage and gain the effect: Roll 3 dice on your next turn. If your dice have an active MEDITATE or FREEZE effect status, you may not roll them. If you have more than 3 dice and roll multiple SWARM or GROWTH, you may still only roll a maximum of 3 dice at any time. 


GROWTH - Heal for 1 and gain the effect: Roll 3 dice on your next turn. If your dice have an active MEDITATE or FREEZE effect status, you may not roll them. If you have more than 3 dice and roll multiple SWARM or GROWTH, you may still only roll a maximum of 3 dice at any time. 


ICE - Deal 1 damage and choose 1 adjacent Hero to freeze. Damage can only be dealt to the left, but the freeze effect can be applied to the right or left. This is the only effect that can be applied to the right. To apply the freeze effect, select 1 hero die belonging to either adjacent player: that player may not roll that hero on their next turn. Rolling multiple ICE, allows a player to freeze multiple targets. 


POISON - This ability does no immediate damage, but applies the POISON effect to your opponent. While under the POISON effect, all healing is taken as damage instead. (Example: Player 2 is at 7 health and poisoned. After rolling WATER, LIGHT which would normally heal for (2+1) 3, instead 3 damage is taken, reducing Player 2 to 4 health.) A player choosing to discard MEDITATE does not take 4 POISON damage. Rolling FOCUS, POISON does not double damage taken from POISON. However, if a poisoned player uses FOCUS and a heal, they will take double damage. Players may not revive if they are poisoned. If a player is at full health and rolls LIGHT while poisoned, they may not convert healing to damage. POISON can also be applied to oneself (Example: Player 1 is at 1 health and rolls CURSE, POISON. Since CURSE causes that player to take 1 damage, it would normally result in a self-elimination. However, if that player applies the POISON effect to themself, this creates a double negative and reverses the self damage to a self heal of 1 instead.) 


FOCUS - Double the value of all other dice rolled. FOCUS may also be saved to double the value of your next roll. FOCUS may only be saved 1 turn, and may be discarded if unwanted. (Example: Player 1 saved FOCUS from last turn, but is poisoned and rolled WATER, LIGHT. Doubling this turn while poisoned would result in taking [(2+1)x2] 6 damage. Player 1 may choose not to activate the saved FOCUS effect.) Rolling multiple FOCUS doubles multiple times. Only damage and heal values double, not effects. (Examples: ICE does not freeze multiple heroes. SHIELD does not double. MEDITATE does not sit out multiple turns. FOCUS is not treated as a DARK or LIGHT multiplier.)


Alternative Game modes.


Wild - All damage, healing and effects can be applied to the left or right in any combination. The last player standing is the Battle Master!


Tournaments are a series of one on one duels, where players do not gain a hero from other players they defeat. There are three variations of tournaments.


     Duels Tournament - A series of one-on-one duels where everyone battles everyone else once (or       any set number of battles - once, twice, thrice etc.). Players use the same team for all battles.               Once all battles are completed, the player with the most victories is the Battle Master!


     Elimination Tournament - A series of one-on-one duels, with a bracket system. Players choose           their team and use it the entire tournament. Winners continue to play other winners, while losers           are eliminated. Last player standing is the Battle Master!


     Battle Masters Tournament - A series of one-on-one duels, with a bracket system. Players                 compete in a best of 3 to move on. Before each round new heroes are drafted, and previously used       heroes (by either player) may not be chosen. Duels with a new opponent refresh all heroes. The           winner in this series is a true Battle Master! 

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