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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we do if we are in a stalemate? 

A: If players have defensive heavy teams without consistent damage, it is possible to get stuck in a stalemate. After a reasonable amount of time, players may agree to enter sudden death mode. When this happens, players maximum health is reduced by one each turn. So even if a player heals to full, they only heal to 9, then 8, 7, 6 etc. The game will inevitably end within ten turns. 


Q: What happens if I am at full health and roll LIGHT when poisoned? Normally when full health LIGHT+ other healing would be converted to damage, thus not a heal anymore so poison shouldn't effect it?

A: The order of effect is LIGHT+ other heals heal you first, all the way to full. Once you are full, the damage is converted, but the heal happens first. Thus poison happens first, take damage equal to the full heal value, cannot deal overhealing damage while poisoned. 

Q: I rolled FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS last turn and saved both, then I rolled FOCUS FOCUS again. Is next turn x32? 

A: No. Abilities do not carry over more then 1 turn. The highest multiplier possible with FOCUS is if 3 were rolled and saved last turn, then 1 and something else this turn, would result in x16 of the non FOCUS result. 

Q: I eliminated someone and now have 4 Hero's on my team, I rolled SWARM and GROWH, do I get to roll all 4 next turn?

A: No, only a maximum of 3 dice can be rolled at once. 

Q: If I roll SHIELD CURSE, does SHIELD block the CURSE 1 self damage?

A: No, SHIELD only blocks damage from the next incoming attack.

Q: If I roll SHIELD and a heal while poisoned, does SHIELD block that damage? 

A: No, SHIELD only blocks damage from the next incoming attack. SHIELD cannot block damage that occurs on your own turn. Additionally if you had a SHIELD active from last roll, it expires when your attacker rolls, weather it blocks any damage or not. It cannot block poison damage. 

Q: I rolled FOCUS FOCUS DRAIN. What do I do?

A: DRAIN normally does 1 Damage and 1 Heal. FOCUS DRAIN gives an additional +1 to one side, resulting in either 3 Damage and 2 Heal or 2 Damage and 3 Heal. Rolling FOCUS FOCUS DRAIN means you choose between 6 Damage and 4 Heal, 4 Damage and 6 Heal, or 5 Damage and 5 Heal. A third FOCUS results in 12/8, 10/10 or 8/12. 

Q: I am at 0 Health for the 3rd time, so I need to heal for 3 or more to revive. If I roll WATER CURSE do I revive?

A: Yes. There are two rules to point out here. First at 0 health WATER heals for 3, so you immediately revive with 3 health. Taking the 1 self damage from CURSE does not negate the revive, even if you would end your turn at 2. Additionally, you choose the order in which abilities are applied. So the ideal order would be to use CURSE first. Since you cannot go below 0 health, the 1 self damage is ignored, then applying water heals you for 3. Thus ending your turn at 3 health instead of 2.

Q: How does POISON work?

A: POISON is an effect and does 0 damage on its own. When you roll POISON you choose to apply the effect to either yourself or your opponent. While you are affected by POISON, the damage and healing you do to yourself is reversed. Heals damage you, and Damage heals you. The only damage you can do to yourself (and likewise poison/heal from) is the 1 self damage from CURSE. Rolling GROWTH or DRAIN damages you 1, Rolling Water damages you 2, LIGHT damages you 1/4/10, and MEDITATE would damage you 4, but you can choose to ignore. Knocking someone to 0 health while simultaneously poisoning them, is almost a guaranteed elimination. The only way to revive while poisoned, is if it is your first time being at 0 and you roll CURSE, self damaging + poison reversing = healing you for 1.  You may not target yourself with any damaging abilities to heal. Rolling multiple POISION, or FOCUS POISON does not grant any additional bonus's. You may not convert LIGHT over healing to damage while poisoned. 

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