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Chasing Rainbows


Chasing Rainbows is an original fantasy story written by Alaskan lmmaker Aaron Gordon, produced by Chasing Rainbows Production, LLC and supported by the Final Spark team.


Imagine a world of many worlds: Countless planes scattered across space and time like stars, each one unique, connected by gateways in the form of rainbows.


After the deaths of their parents, seventeen-year-old KIERA and her eight-year-old brother BEN stumble into this world and become separated. The road to their reunion features a variety of unusual characters; friends and enemies are made, problems are solved, and lessons are learned as they overcome all obstacles to find each other again.


Choosing between a comfortable lie and or an uncomfortable truth is just one of the many challenges Kiera must overcome in this story that highlights the importance of family and friends, encourages determination and hope in the face of darkness, and challenges aspects of life that our modern society takes for granted.

The movie is being filmed summer 2024 and post-production will begin immediately after. 

You can support this independent local Alaskan project by contributing to our GoFundMe.

The book adds significantly to the overall story, providing backstories and connections not included in the film. While the book is in its final stages, it has been put on hold until filming concludes. It is expected to release by the end of 2024, and can be ordered here!

Coming Soon!

Please follow our production journey as we post daily behind the scenes content on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Let's make a movie!

The production team includes

(Though is not limited to)


Writer/Director/Producer - Aaron Gordon;

Producer/Assistant Director - Raleigh Van Natta;

Producer - Paul Morin;

Director of Photography - Gunnar Goding;

Grip and Electric - Calder Tozier;

Costumes - Rebecca Tozier and Erin Micciche;

Props and set designs - Amy Burton and Petra Murray.


Kiera - Sophie Micciche

Young Ben - Henry Bauman

Mrs. McLeary - Marlene Pearson

Minister - Todd Sherwood

Subira - Amy Burton

Ryker - Dave Saldivar

Chef - Larry Opperman

Smarmy - Shanette Jackson

Overseer - Ian McEwen

Alexander - Mark Burton

Dealla - Robin Thompson

Heath - Aaron Gordon

Bryar - Spencer McAulliffe

Bakar - Jamie Nelson

Afni - Morgan Hooper

Jerik - Mike Druce

Small Girl - Willow Green

Tristan - Raleigh Van Natta

Daniel - Aaron Wilburn

Older Ben - Ranger Fox

Huge thank you to the rest of the cast and crew, donors and supporters,

this production wouldn't be possible without you. 

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