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We Want You!

We are always on the lookout for artists and

community members to collaborate with. 

Here are some current ways to get involved with Final Spark!

1. Join our team! We are accepting applications for volunteers, collaborating artists, and professional partnerships. Fill out the online form here.

2. Join our Actors database! Every new project comes with a new set of characters. Fill out the online application here to be added to our list for future projects. 

3. Submit a Location! Alaska is full of beautiful locations right in our own backyards. We are looking for more backyards and front yards, gardens to gravel pits, ponds and rivers, farms and houses, to offices, businesses, kitchens, playrooms, attics, etc. to film in! If you have any location available for us to film at, we want to know about it. Thank you so much to all the great community members that have already provided locations. Fill out our location form here! 

4. Share Our Content! Films require an audience. If you enjoy what we do, chances are you know someone else who will too! Thank you for the support

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